Enjoy an Evolved Puppy.

Enjoy and Evolved Puppy.

Puppy proving to be a bit of a handful? Boy, do we get that.

We designed our Evolved Puppy training program around 2 goals:

1. Make life with your puppy easy (well, as easy as it can be!)
2. Help your puppy grow up to become your dream dog

Evolved training for busy puppy parents

Who has time for puppy training classes or weekly training homework? Not our clients. That’s why we do the training for you. (Isn’t that the way it should be?)

Here’s how our puppy training program works:

We meet for an initial consult to establish baseline and training goals.
Our trainer comes to the convenience of your home to build a customized training plan around your goals. She’ll share an easy tip or two for some immediate relief, too.

Three times per week our professional puppy trainer trains your pup for you.
We’ll train in your home and on weekly training fieldtrips around town, so your puppy learns how to behave everywhere you take him. You don’t even have to be there, though you’re always welcomed.

Once per week our puppy trainer transfers her progress to you.
In a fun one-hour session we transfer everything your puppy is learning to you, and teach you how to easily maintain his newly evolved behavior.

A couple of follow-ups, and we’re done.
Your package includes two additional sessions to make sure everything sticks and you’re feeling super confident before we leave you to enjoy your Evolved Puppy.

Our Evolved Puppy training program includes:

1. Basic obedience & manners

We teach your puppy all her basic manners P’s & Q’s using only positive reinforcement training, so she not only learns to mind you, she learns to love doing so.

2. An end to frustrating puppy behaviors

House training—let’s stop the potty accidents!
Bite inhibition training—your puppy learns to play without using her sharp little teeth
Settle training—we teach your puppy to settle down and chill out when you ask (Ahhhh…)
Chew training—your puppy learns the difference between her things and yours (or the kids’)
Home alone training—we show you the tricks to avoiding separation anxiety

3. Proper puppy socialization

Socialization is the key to an Evolved Dog—one who knows how to conduct herself with class in all situations, who is relaxed and friendly around dogs, adults, and children, and who responds quickly to your requests no matter what she’s doing.

90-minute Initial Consultation fee: $180

3-week Evolved Dog training program: $1,470

Includes 14 total training sessions

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If you’re after the perfect dog, you simply can’t skimp on socialization.

That’s why we include:

Weekly training fieldtrips
At least once each week your puppy ventures out into the world with our puppy trainer to learn how to conduct herself around your neighborhood, in town, at the beach, or wherever you envision spending time with your Evolved Dog.

Weekly playgroups
Your puppy also visits our trainer’s home to play with our canine puppy raising assistants. These fun, friendly dogs love helping young friends learn appropriate play and manners around fellow canines. (Expect your puppy to come home particularly cheerful and pooped-out on these days!

Summer Basic Manners Obedience Puppy Training Classes

For those who enjoy a bit of group fun, we teach an occasional puppy training class during the Summer months—perfect for a little productive puppy training during good weather. 

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Meet dog trainer Christine Kortze

Choosing the right dog trainer makes all the difference. Here’s a bit about Christine’s credentials, training methods, and why she’s dedicated her career to busy dog lovers and their dogs.

Meet Christine & her canine training assistants


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