Sit. Stay a moment.

Get to know us.

Sit. Stay a moment. Get to know us.

When the dog dream meets the dog reality.

We understand the disappointment, frustration, heartbreak, and sometimes even tragedy of a dog who isn’t who you thought they’d be. We all have an ideal vision of living with and loving a dog. Too often that vision just doesn’t match reality.

Maybe you dreamed of the perfect family dog for the kids. Or the perfect beach hiking companion. Or the perfect laid back couch buddy to share relaxing afternoon naps or a bit of evening TV. Instead you find yourself living with a rough-and-tumble jumper or a leash monster or a whirling dervish. What to do?

Meet our owner & dog trainer, Christine Kortze

Christine has encountered this gap between dream and reality throughout her dog-loving career—in the stories her clients tell her, during her many years fostering dogs, through the work she does for local shelters and rescue groups to increase the adoptability of their charges, and in her own personal experience.

Christine has committed her training career to closing this gap for fellow dogs lovers through science-based, force-free dog training. She also seeks to prevent it through proactive puppy training and socialization.

A deep believer in a professional approach to training, Christine is a member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). She is canine first-aid and CPR-certified. To further her skills and knowledge to best serve her clients, Christine is a current student at CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy, a respected program known for teaching the most up-to-date dog behavior science and training methods.

Before becoming a dog trainer Christine owned and ran a yoga training studio. She enjoys bringing her yoga teaching principles to dog training, making the process relaxing, enjoyable, and empowering for both her human and canine clients.

Meet our canine training assistants

If we train your puppy, he or she will enjoy a weekly playgroup with our professional canine puppy raisers, learning appropriate play and manners around fellow canines. If we’re helping your dog evolve away from lunging and growling at other dogs while on leash, chances are we’ll start with learning to chill around these guys, adept as they are at helping others feel safe and relaxed.

Our crew have great temperaments and skill for this work. Take a moment to get to know them!



Yorkie Zen Master
Tyrion oversaw two years of yoga classes with Christine, signaling the start of class by climbing into his perch, and wrapping each hour with an appropriate downward-dog pose. Add to this seven years spent adapting to a constantly revolving group of canine foster brothers and sisters, and it’s no wonder he’s earned the title of Zen Master. All of this experience makes him perfectly suited to overseeing the rest of our canine team, welcoming and helping train puppies visiting for weekly socialization playgroups, or putting leash reactive dogs at ease. Tyrion’s favorite activities are hiking and laying in the surf. His favorite food is raw cauliflower (yep, cauliflower). This Zen Master is also a mama’s boy.


Social Activist
A rough Collie, there is nothing rough about this gentle soul. In fact, he is so socially attuned that his special super power is adapting his play style to any playmate, adjusting to each fellow canine’s size, energy level, and preferred mode of fun (be it chase, tug, wrestling, or just hanging out). This makes him a consummate teacher of appropriate play. Growing up among small dogs, Tucker erroneously believes himself to be a lap dog. His favorite activity is playing ball in the backyard. His favorite food is peanut butter.



Group Cheerleader
You know the type—up for anything, always willing to join a game or get in on a good activity. Ellie, a blue-eyed toy Yorkie, is as easy-going and friendly as they come. Her favorite activity is anything and everything. Her favorite food is anything her brothers are eating (except Ziggy’s fish heads, because that’s gross). She would also like you to know that she is very smart.


Dog training methods have evolved –

and that’s a good thing.

Results matter. A lot. So do the way we get them.

That’s why we’re committed to science-based, force-free dog and puppy training. Dog training has evolved significantly over the last two decades.

We’ve learned about the negative side-effects of the traditional training methods we all grew up relying on (including slower learning, anxiety, and even aggression). We’ve also learned how to achieve tremendous, reliable results using training methods that dogs actively enjoy. Gotta love a good win-win!

At Sit, Stay, Evolve we use proven positive puppy and dog training methods taught by the most respected dog trainer schools across the globe, and endorsed by leading professional industry associations like the Pet Professional Guild and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Results. Relief. Peace of mind. That’s evolved dog training!

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